Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ex-Sox #1 Prospect Moncada Promoted By Pale Hose

(Chicago Tribune Photo)
Now, we will begin to see just what the Red Sox traded away for Chris Sale. Amidst the hub-bub surrounding Chicago's trade of Todd Frazier to The Evil Ones, it was also announced that the MLB's #1 overall prospect—Yoan Moncadahas been promoted to the big club. Moncada will play every day at second base for the balance of the 2017 season. As Pale Hose GM Rick Hahn said, "We aren't bringing him here to sit. We are bringing him here to continue the development that needs to take place in Chicago. He still has some work to do. He's obviously still very young. But we feel that he's ready for that next challenge that comes at the big league level." So, when the ChiSox hit Fenway early next month (August 3-6), we will have a first-hand look at the guy who could have inherited second base from Dustin Pedroia a few years down the road.