Monday, June 5, 2017

Will Sox Take Another Shot At Character-Challenged P?

Seth Romero
Last year, the Red Sox selected talented pitcher Jay Groome with their first pick in the MLB Draft—despite "make-up" issues that kept him from going higher. So far, this has worked out pretty well—with Groome rated as the #2 overall prospect in the minor league system (although he's been sidelined with a lat strain this year). Now there is talk that Boston might take another gamble on another young pitcher with "make-up" issues—Seth Romero. The lefty has dominant stuff (mid-90s fastball, slider, change-up), but he's been kicked off the University of Houston baseball team twice. The word from most experts is that—even with the "character" issues—he should slot in before Boston's pick at #24. They also say that Romero is so talented that he could actually make it to a big league roster this season. Stay tuned, the draft is June 12th.