Thursday, June 29, 2017

Save The Farm And Bring Up 3B Rafael Devers Now

Come on, tell the truth, are you excited about any of Boston's possible 3B trade targets—Mike Moustakas, Todd Frazier, Martin Prado, or Jed Lowrie? OK, maybe The Moose—but not at the price in prospects that such a deal would require. And, frankly, that's the point. "Dealin' Dave" Dombrowski has already traded away the cream of the Red Sox farm system (e.g., Yoan Moncada, Manuel Margot, Anderson EspinozaMichael KopechMauricio Dubon). One of the very few left is 3B prospect Rafael Devers. Granted the kid's only twenty, but he is tearing up the AA Eastern League (.298, 16 HRs, 48 RBIs). Clearly, we've had success promoting players directly from AA to the big club—most notably Andrew Benintendi last August. Let's give the kid a shot at third base now—he can't possibly be worse than the alternatives.