Wednesday, June 7, 2017

RemDawg's Translator Comments Spark Controversy

(AP Photo)
The TwitterVerse is all "a-twitter" over comments made last night by Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy. In the fourth inning, The Evil Ones sent out their pitching coach and a Japanese-language translator to converse with Yankee starter Masahiro Tanaka. Remy intoned, "I don't think that should be legal, I really don't. Learn baseball language. You know, learn, it's pretty simple. You break it down pretty easy between pitching coach and pitcher after a long period of time." Since 2013, MLB has allowed interpreters to attend mound conferences—but it does seem like it's just another in a long line of annoyances that makes baseball games way too long. We're pretty sure that's the spirit Remy's comments were made in—with no harmful intentions. But, in the world we live in—full of "micro-aggressions" and "safe spaces"—you've got to expect this kind of blowback.