Thursday, June 15, 2017

Chris Sale Has Chance To Put Sox Ten Games Over .500

It's sort of a key benchmark. When a team gets to ten games over .500, you can begin to treat them seriously as contenders. Tonight, Boston's best starting pitcher, Chris Sale, has a chance to get his team to that milestone. Not only would a win secure the "magic" ten-game edge, it would also square The Carmine Hose on the road (17-17). Traditionally, if you kick butt at home, and break even on the road, you should succeed in the end. Away from Fenway this season, Sale has a 3.63 ERA across almost 40 innings pitched—a tad better than his 3.86 at home. Given the sad state of the Phillies, this should be a win—and a key one—for the Red Sox.