Monday, May 8, 2017

Sox Weekend 'Score-A-Palooza' Vaults Them In Rankings

On Saturday and Sunday, the Red Sox put a 'twin-killing' of sorts on the Twins. They put 28 runs on the board—after being one of the lowest-scoring teams in the AL before that. This outburst of offense has vaulted The Carmine Hose to seventh place overall in runs scored in the Junior Circuit—and number three in run differential (+17). This crazy transformation coincided exactly with manager John Farrell's decision to scramble the lineup. Mookie Betts became the new lead-off hitter and Andrew Benintendi batted clean-up. Voilà! The 1927 Yankees! Losing the DH for three stupid inter-league games in Milwaukee will likely halt this juggernaut—but it was fun while it lasted!