Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sox Nix Banned Fan's Credit Card For Tix Purchases

So, exactly how will the Red Sox organization keep the still un-named "banned fan from the North Shore" out of Fenway Park? It won't be easy. As Sox spokesperson Zineb Curran  told WEEI.com's Alex Reimer, the system is not infallible"We informed this person verbally and in writing, and we’ve also flagged their credit card from being able to purchase tickets from the organization moving forward. Key security personnel are aware of who the individual is. What we’re not doing is posting this person’s picture and name at every gate. That’s not something we’re doing. We know this isn’t a perfect or infallible system. And we recognize that enforcing it will be a difficult thing to do. But if the person is willing to take a risk and come back to the ballpark, there are actions that can be taken if they’re caught." She made clear that those follow-up actions could include a call to Boston's finest and a charge of trespassing. Still, all of this seems a little weird and Orwellian—and clearly not workable. It's an OK stop-gap measure, but a more defined (and realistic) policy needs to be promulgated by MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. Soon.