Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Former Sox Prospect Margot Is On Fire In San Diego

(USAToday Sports)
In November of 2015, the Red Sox dealt four prospects to the Padres for closer Craig Kimbrel. Along with Logan Allen, Javier Guerra and Carlos Asuaje, they also sent the Friars a highly-touted outfielder named Manuel Margot. The kid is now a fixture in the San Diego outfield (CF)—and is hitting .323 with 2 HRs so far this season. Now, Craig Kimbrel is a star closer, and, despite his maddening tendency to walk the first two guys he faces in the ninth, he will probably have a fine career in Carmine Hose. But if Margot becomes a perennial All-Star for 15 years, we might—at some point down the road—be questioning Dave Dombrowski's judgment on this one.