Thursday, April 6, 2017

Derek Jeter And Jeb Bush Vie For Purchase Of Marlins

Bush (L); Jeter (R)
Call it: Low-Key VS. Low-Energy. A big time bidding war is about to erupt for the dubious honor of owning the Miami Marlins baseball franchise. Reports indicate that three groups are vying for the "right" to purchase the team—1.) a vanilla group of bankers from Goldman Sachs, 2.) former Evil One Derek Jeter and 3.) former Florida Governor (and failed presidential candidate) Jeb Bush. Of course, it was current Red Sox owner John Henry who bamboozled current Marlins owner Jeffry Loria into buying the Florida team. Back in 2002, Loria forked over $158.5 million to Henry—although the Marlins did win it all the very next year. Loria now is asking $1.6 billion for The Fish.