Thursday, April 20, 2017

Curious 2017 Red Sox Are Hitting But Not Really Scoring

A fascinating trend is emerging for the 2017 Carmine Hose. They are leading the American League in batting average and on-base percentage—but they have a run differential of "0" (i.e, they've scored exactly as many runs as they've given up). They're scoring 4.3 runs per game—which isn't horrible—but they've had too many games like last night's where they just can't seem to cross the plate at all. They've gotten some great pitching performances—particularly from Chris Sale—but given him very little run support. Even Rick Porcello—who finally looked somewhat like the 2016 Cy Young winner yesterday—got nothing from his offense. What the heck is going on? Part of the problem is their relatively low slugging percentage—ranked just eighth in the AL (.398). And, of course, they are dead last in the AL in home runs (7)—even though they lead the AL in doubles (32). Weird. So, it seems that this "power outage" (an extra-base hit drought beyond doubles) may be the big culprit. Does the name David Ortiz ring a bell?