Monday, March 27, 2017

Sox Job Opening: Wally The Green 'Back-Up' Monster

The Red Sox are looking for a few good monsters—or at least one more. Apparently, the rigors of being Wally The Green Monster are too much for just one person. So, the Red Sox are looking for a 'back-up' to fill in for Wally when he just can't perform his mascot duties. Hey, they get sick, too. We can just hear the conversation now: "Wally, you look a little extra green this morning—better take the rest of the day off." In any event, if you are under 5'8", have a driver's license and can wave a wicked big flag, you might be in luck. Well, you also need actual experience as a mascot—so that leaves all of us out. Also, you have to "perform under extreme temperature conditions" and "maintain and react to a flexible schedule." Fuggetaboutit! If you are interested, though, apply HERE.