Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Matt Barnes Takes Ownership Of Red Sox Uniform #68

We've always sorta liked Matt Barnes. Connecticut native, UConn alum, hard-thrower, good beard, grind-it-out mentality. Now, we like him even more. When WBZ-TV's Dan Roche asked him about his high 68 uniform number, he didn't obsess on digits he used to wear in the past (13, 26, 31). Instead, he took ownership of his lofty numerals, "Hanley is wearing [No. 13 now], so that’s out. Brock had 26 and that was retired, so that’s out. I wasn’t going to be the first pitcher after [Jon] Lester to sport 31, so I was stuck with 68. When they gave it to me I just said ‘I’m going to rock this.' I’ve kind of adopted 68; it’s my number." How about that? A ballplayer with a rational take on something.