Wednesday, March 29, 2017

How FenwayNation Looked Fifteen Years Ago In 2002

Every once in a while, we have to remind ourselves that we've being doing "This Red Sox Thing" (apologies to Kay Corleone) since January of 2000. Too bad we don't make any money at this. Oh, well. Anyway, to emphasize our longevity, we occasionally show you a FenwayNation Front Page from the past. This one is from March 28, 2002—almost exactly 15 years ago! As you can see, we speculated that the upcoming season could be one of "destiny"—well, we were two years too early, but who's counting? The most interesting item from the front page might be our early skepticism about the NOG (although it hadn't even been nicknamed that yet). Here's our take on one the NOG's first actions: "New Owner Alert: Don't Even THINK About It! One of the more disturbing little tidbits floated by the new ownership group is the idea of placing advertising back on the Green Monster in left field. FenwayNation has one simple word for the Henry Group: NO!" The more things change, the more they stay the same! You can find a "Wayback Machine" link to the page HERE.