Thursday, February 16, 2017

Would Pining For Hanley Bring Ortiz Out Of Retirement?

(Getty Images)
UPDATE: Fuggedaboutit!
Leave it to Hanley Ramriez to stoke up a controversy on his first day in camp. Reportedly, David Ortiz told his former teammate that one reason he "might" come out of retirement is because he misses Hanley. Huh? Would a 'man crush' on Ramirez really coax Big Papi away from his family and friends—and a lucrative post-playing career? Not blood likely. Initially, Hanley said to reporters, "David, I'm sorry man, but I've got to do it, man. If he tries to come back, I'm one of the reasons he might come back because we miss each other so much. That's not going to happen but he told me that." Later, after much back and forth, he clarified things, "David's not coming back. He's home with his family. All right? You got that?" Yeah, we got that. But, let a thousand conspiracy theories bloom!