Friday, February 17, 2017

John Henry: "We're Really Focused On A Fourth Ring"

Red Sox owners John Henry and Tom Werner held a press conference at jetBlue Park in Fort Myers this morning—covering a wide range of issues. Henry initially stated that his view of success is "playing meaningful games in September and October", but later clarified his view as follows: "We're really focused on a fourth ring. Anything else is really limited success." Since buying the team in late 2001, the so-called "New Ownership Group" (NOG) has won three World Series Championships—including the "curse-breaking" win in 2004 and the post-Marathon bombing victory in 2013. In other somewhat surprising news, Werner alluded to a "plan" to move Red Sox executive offices out of cramped Fenway Park to another location. The rationale—aside from giving Henry and Werner more "leg-room"—would be to utilize the space for more 'fan-oriented' activities. Both owners also quashed the seemingly annual rumor that the NOG will be selling the team.