Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Former Red Sox OF Wily Mo Peña To Sign With Tribe

(Getty Images)
Speaking of the devil, former Red Sox slugger Wily Mo Peña (who, as we said yesterday, was acquired in the trade that sent Bronson Arroyo to the Reds), is set to sign a deal with the Indians. If Wily makes the major league club, he will get $700,000. Peña's last MLB stint was way back in 2011 with the Mariners—when he hit .209 in 22 games. His brief career in Carmine Hose was certainly exciting. In fact, your humble scribe witnessed the hardest hit ball he has ever seen at Fenway off the bat of Wily—striking the back wall of the Monster Seats in a nano-second. Wily will be re-united with his old skipper Terry Francona from his 2006-7 stint in Boston. We wish him the best of luck.