Thursday, February 2, 2017

Do You Think 'The Panda' Looks In Top Physical Shape?

(Red Sox Team Photo)
The Yawkey Way Propaganda Machine has been churning out stories for a while now about how Pablo Sandoval is in 'tip-top' shape and raring to go for the 2017 season. First of all, he's "working out" to possibly play for the Venezuelan team in the World Baseball Classic. The potential for some freak injury during this joke tournament is bad enough. Second, the photo the team is publicizing does not exactly look like a svelte Panda to us. Are we being too harsh? I mean, sure he looks better than he did at his first Red Sox Spring Training. But that was an insulting disgrace—should it really be the "benchmark" from which to measure his 'progress'? As good as this team appears on paper, Sandoval at third and Mitch Moreland at first are the twin Achilles Heels of the 2017 Carmine Hose.