Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Enigmatic Papi Tweet Re-Ignites Comeback Speculation

We are now in the bleak interregnum between college football and baseball. Sure, there's the NFL playoffs—but, come on, the Patriots are a lock for Ring Number Five. There's no suspense there. So, one cryptic tweet by David Ortiz has stoked The Great Papi Comeback Machine into high gear. Ortiz simply tweeted @BostonGlobe at 9:07 PM last night. Now, maybe he just wanted to weigh in on the Alabama-Clemson National Championship Game. Or maybe he had some suggestions for John Henry's foreign soccer team. Who knows? But, of course, everybody assumed it was to give the Globe an exclusive heads-up to his return. Based on what? Nothing, of course. But, in vast sports wasteland, anything is news.