Tuesday, January 31, 2017

40-Year Old Bronson Arroyo Likely To Sign With Reds

The A-Fraud Slap
He was a key piece of the curse-busting 2004 World Champion Red Sox—involved in one of the most iconic plays in team history (the A-Fraud purse slap). Now, Bronson Arroyo is poised to re-join the team (Cincinnati) that he was traded to by the Red Sox. In fact, Arroyo had eight very productive years with the Reds—going 105-94 with a respectable 4.05 ERA. All we got was 157 games from Wily Mo Pena. In three Boston seasons, Arroyo went 24-19 with a 4.19 ERA. He was a little wacky, had extra long hair and played the guitar—perfect for the Idiots who won it all. We wish him the best back in Cincinnati.