Thursday, December 22, 2016

Steph Curry Embraces Cashman's Comparison To Sox

Papi And Curry
We already knew that Steph Curry was a big Red Sox fan. It all started when he was growing up in North Carolina and his brother chose The Evil Ones to root for. Being a competitive brother, of course, Steph chose the Red Sox. That fandom of The Carmine Hose has endured—even as Curry attained super-stardom in the NBA. When Yankee GM Brian Cashman recently compared the re-stocked Red Sox to Curry's Golden State Warriors it caused a bit of an uproar. Curry was OK with it, though, stating, "I like that comparison because the Red Sox are my favorite team. They obviously made some splashes during the offseason, and when you play an exciting brand of baseball and you're about winning -- because that's what we're about -- I like the comparison." I guess he likes the comparison.