Thursday, December 15, 2016

Research: Sox Fans Would Never Root For The Yankees!

A new research study out of the University of Illinois reveals that an overseas American traveler—pining for a connection to home—can sometimes cleave to a distinctive cultural group (even if it's not one they identify with). In other words, a Seattle Mariners fan might root for the Yankees in the World Series—connecting to the 'home' culture of baseball in general and the American League in particular. But, interestingly, the research also found that when inter-group rivalries are present, you can throw that 'connectedness' crap right out the window. Said the study's author, Carlos J. Torelli, "It's very common for groups to share common cultural roots or geographical boundaries - but chances are, they also share some rivalries. And these rivalries might reach the point of complete animosity." So, would a die-hard Red Sox fan working in Japan root for the Yankees in the World Series? Not bloody likely. In fact, according to the study, "a denigration and rejection of products or brands associated with a related cultural group" takes hold. Like, we needed an academic to tell us this?