Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Red Sox Seek Yet More 'Panda Insurance' With Plouffe

(USAToday Photo)
Matt Dominguez, Rafael Devers, Josh Rutledge, Brock Holt—and now (possibly) Trevor Plouffe. The Red Sox are rumored to be seeking even more 'Panda Insurance' at 3B by feeling out Plouffe's availability and cost. The 30-year old former Twin was let go by Minnesota after an injury-riddled 2016. Despite a professed "commitment" to Pablo Sandoval at The Hot Corner—nobody really believes it. The Panda's track record in Boston is not good—so Sox honcho Dave Dombrowski (who has no skin in the Sandoval game)—is likely to have a very short leash on the Panda in 2017.