Friday, December 2, 2016

Pitching, Third Base, DH Focus Of Sox Winter Meetings

On Monday, the power-brokers in Major League Baseball will gather in National Harbor, Maryland for their 2016 Winter Meetings. For the Red Sox, there are three basic areas of need that could be addressed starting on Monday: Pitching (both starting and late-inning relief); Third Base; Designated Hitter. And, the resolution of the Collective Bargaining Agreement makes it even more likely that Dave Dombrowski will feel free to wheel and deal. Since 'DoubleD' has obsessed on getting an 8th-inning reliever over everything else, expect at least that move to happen over the next week. Bullpen arms like Wade Davis and/or David Robertson could be coming to Fenway—or even a 'Wild Card' like Pittsburgh's Tony Watson (our choice). Action on any of the other areas of need are far less likely to happen at National Harbor. But, you never know. Stay tuned.