Thursday, December 15, 2016

"Hit Dog" Mo Vaughn Turns Forty-Nine Years Old Today

(Getty Images)
Maurice Samuel "Mo" Vaughn turns 49 years old today. In his eight, great seasons with the Red Sox, Mo put together a .304 average, 230 HRs and 752 RBIs. In 1995, he was the AL MVP and led the league with 126 RBIs. He was beloved by Red Sox fans young and old—sort of a 1990s version of David Ortiz. With his determined stare and vicious upper-cut left-handed swing, he was was one of the most feared hitters of his era. And, he was a slick defender at first-base. When he left town as a free-agent in 1999 it was a shock—although he never really regained his Boston form in Anaheim or Flushing. We wish The Hit Dog a very happy birthday!