Saturday, December 17, 2016

Fenway's Foul Ground Shrinks, Henry's Wallet Expands

Fenway Park currently has the second-smallest amount of foul territory in all of major league baseball. That foul ground will decrease even more, as the Red Sox are adding 124 new premium luxury seats "between and beyond each dugout". The only thing that will increase in this effort is John Henry's wallet. In their never-ending quest to squeeze every penny out of Fenway's 104-year old infrastructure, the NOG (New Ownership Group) are again pandering to the "beautiful people" elite—who are the only fans that afford these accommodations. And, this shrinking of the playing field means longer games—hello, Commissioner Rob Manfred! Of course, the City of Boston Landmarks Commission—as it always does—rolled over for the Red Sox and rubber-stamped the plan in October when nobody was looking. We're not sure, but this bold new project is probably not 'carbon-neutral'. Someone get Al Gore on the horn.