Friday, December 16, 2016

ESPN Fuels Conspiracy Theory On A Big Papi "Return"

(Exclusive FenwayNation Photo)
How many times does the poor guy have to say it? Red Sox legend David Ortiz is retired, kaput, done. His feet have tormented him for years, and—at age 40—he simply can't take the punishment of the MLB travel schedule. Let him be! But, nooooooo, ESPN's Buster Olney just can't resist fueling the silly speculation that Big Papi still might, just might return after his epic final season. Olney points out that Ortiz blows away the field in terms of final season rankings by Hall Of Fame players. His 5.1 WAR is #1 all-time—only Roberto Clemente at a 4.8 WAR is even close (but, of course, he tragically died in a plane crash at the peak of his career). But come on, why torture the guy with this stuff? His health and his family are more important than strapping it on one more time.