Monday, December 5, 2016

Chris Sale Sweeps May Be Down To Nats And Red Sox

Chris Sale (L); Yoan Moncada (R)
We've been hearing a lot of chatter that Dave Dombrowski is adamant about acquiring an 8th-inning reliever before he even thinks about a DH bat or a starting pitcher. Bunk! According to multiple reports out of National Harbor, Maryland, the Red Sox are still among the top tier of teams hunting down Chris Sale. This afternoon, the White Sox are meeting with the Washington Nationals about the ace lefty—and will surely demand DC's prime gem in 23-year old CF Trea Turner. When The Pale Hose meet with The Carmine Hoseand they will meet—you can bet the South-Siders will demand Yoan Moncada (along with many other lesser lights). Stay tuned!