Monday, November 21, 2016

Unprotected Sox Pitcher Haley Likely To Be Scooped

Justin Haley At AA Portland In 2016
One of the Red Sox prospects left unprotected on Friday was right-handed starer Justin Haley. Thus, he's eligible to be plucked by any team in the Rule Five Draft. According to the authoritative Baseball America site, Haley is among 12 "cream of the unprotected crop" and is likely to be selected by another organization. The 6'5", 230-pound Haley was terrific in both AA and AAA this past season and was virtually un-hittable in the Dominican Winter League (0.38 ERA over 24 innings). Boston decided instead to protect RHP Kyle Martin and LHP Luis Ysla from the Rule Five process instead of Haley. Stay tuned!