Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sox Oppose 'Negative Impacts' Of Fenway Condo Tower

Heaven forbid that anyone besides the Red Sox gets sweetheart development deals in the Fenway section of Boston. After the city essentially handed over Yawkey Way and air rights over the Mass Pike to John Henry, the billionaire is whining about somebody else's 29-story condo tower. Why? Because it might "significantly transform the iconic views of the city skyline that fans now enjoy." They've got to be kidding, right? The Red Sox are talking 'obstructed views'? The team's "comment letter" on the proposed condo goes on to state, "We have strong concerns that this proposed project would create an unacceptably tall and impactful 29-story building in very close proximity to Fenway Park, and which might have significant negative impacts on the surrounding neighborhood as well as our historic ballpark itself." The NOG's hypocrisy is breathtaking!