Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Shameless Plea To Sell More FenwayNation Calendars

Hey, why try to hide the truth? We want to sell more 2017 FenwayNation Calendars (although quite a few have been sold already). Part of the reason is that we're really proud of this edition—it has the best batch ever of exclusive, original, 'you-won't-see-them-anywhere-else' photos of Fenway. Also, we get a little pittance for every one of the wicked cheap $14.99 calendars that are sold. Trust us, what we get for each one doesn't even pay for one hot dog at America's Most Over-Priced Ballpark. So, we'll dispense with all the "holiday-giving" hooey, and just ask you to fork over the cash. You can do so HERE. (Where you can also get a free preview of all 12 months' photos).