Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sandoval At Third Will Cause Panda-Monium With Fans

Panda (L); Panda (R)
Over the past two weeks, many Massachusetts residents have relied on therapy puppies, Play-Doh and crayons in their oh-so-sad "safe spaces". Now, they may go into an even deeper depression. Multiple reports suggest that Pablo Sandoval will get 'first crack' at Boston's starting third base job in 2017. Say what? The Panda, who missed pretty much all of the exciting 2016 season (a grand total of three games played), has rightly earned the wrath of most Sox fans. So, why does he get preferential treatment at the Hot Corner? Once again, it's the money. He'll be in the third year of an incredibly stupid five-year contract (with a 6th-year team option) that will hand Sandoval at least $93 million (even if the Red Sox decline the 2020 option). There are so many better 3B options available to Dave Dombrowski, but he's likely being hamstrung by John Henry and his wallet.