Wednesday, November 2, 2016

John Henry Is Back—And He's In Your Wallet Again

What a surprise—the Red Sox are raising ticket prices again! You know, the ticket prices that are already the highest in all of baseball. The team sent out a press release today detailing the price hikes—averaging 2.9% across the board. The bulk of the increases will be "limited" to "close-in" seating:—Field Box, Loge Box, Pavilion Box, Pavilion Reserved, Grandstand, Outfield Grandstand (Rows 1-10), Right Field Box, Right Field Roof Box and Terrace, Bleachers, and Upper Bleachers. Hmm. That doesn't sound too limited to us! I suppose we should fall to our knees and thank John Henry— the billionaire, out-of-towner who owns The Carmine Hose. After all, in 2014 he hiked prices 4.8%. Gosh, thanks, Mr. Henry, sir. May we have more? By the way, aren't Henry's politics sympathetic to those who talk a lot about 'income inequality'. I guess it just doesn't apply to the 'beautiful people' like Mr. Henry. What a joke!