Friday, November 4, 2016

2017 FenwayNation Calendar Is Flying Off The Shelves!

The Breathtaking 2017 FN Calendar
OK. Halloween is behind us. Thanksgiving looms. Soon, the panic of holiday gift-giving will dominate your life. Relieve some of that pressure early by ordering the 2017 FenwayNation Calendar for all the Sox-obsessed buddies on your list. This year's version is loaded with exclusive photos of historic 115-year old Fenway Park, the team and the fans. You won't find these pictures anywhere else. And you get 365 days of joy for just $14.99—that's a little over four cents a day. Come on, what can you get for that—except maybe a slightly used Ben Carson bumper sticker? So, go online, and get a bunch of FN calendars and scratch those nutty Sox buddies off the holiday list. You can purchase the calendars HERE.