Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Maybe We're The Nice People Of North America, After All

(USAToday Sports)
Last night, for at least the third time in recent memory, fans at SkyDome (sorry, we refuse to endorse a media monopoly by calling it 'Rogers Centre') have thrown a beer can at opposing players. Hey, aren't Canadians supposed to be the "nice" inhabitants of North America? A beer can (probably full of crappy Labatt Blue) nearly struck Oriole left-fielder Hyun Soo Kim last night, calling into question the sanity (let alone the manners) of Jays fans. In 2013, a Toronto fan tossed a beer at another Orioles outfielder (Nate McClouth). Geez, is it some inter-species bird thing? Anyway, there was also another incident just last year, when a beer rained down on a Texas Ranger at SkyDomealmost hitting a baby in the process. So, what's going on? We'd say it's time for all the "Nice Canadian" crap to stop flowing from the Ministry of Propaganda in Ottawa.