Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Daivd Ortiz Exits Fenway Stage As True Boston Icon

(Getty Images)
He came here in 2003 as part of a DH/first-base jumble. Second, maybe even third on the depth chart. Now, he's headed to Cooperstown—and we're not exactly sure where Jeremy Giambi or Dave McCarty are. David Ortiz ended his magnificent career last night—and despite the tough 4-3 playoff elimination loss—it was a night to remember at Fenway. As the game ended, your FenwayNation contingent toyed with the idea of leaving before Tito And The Tribe celebrated on our field. But we stayed—along with most of the other 37,000 or so in attendance—chanting for Big Papi's return one final time. When it came, it was more emotional than either side—fan or player—thought it would be. The memories flooded back—multiple 2004 playoff walk-offs, the post-Marathon speech in 2013, the ridiculous World Series performance of that same year and the crazily good final season. He stood on the mound, raised his cap in the air and patted his heart, he knew it was finally over. And so did we. Godspeed, Big Papi!