Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Curt Schilling Has Decided To Take On Elizabeth Warren

Schilling (L); Warren (R)
If you like the 2016 Presidential Election, you are going to love the upcoming 2018 U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts! Today, Red Sox icon Curt Schilling announced that he will, in fact, take on incumbent Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren. Just as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are among the most unpopular Presidential candidates in history, Schilling and Warren will certainly be among the most controversial Senate combatants in the state's history. Warren (who beat then-incumbent Scott Brown by just 238,000 votes in 2012) has gotten a reputation (by some) as a kind of 'do-nothing' solon—with a worldview that smacks of class warfare. Schilling, of course, can't refrain from posting controversial items os social media—to the point that he's been fired from multiple sportscasting positions. One can just image the debate insults flying back and forth—from 'Fake Indian' charges to 'bankrupt businessman who soaked Rhode Island taxpayers'. Buckle up!