Monday, October 10, 2016

Can Sox Re-'Discover' Their Offense On Columbus Day?

'Offense Went That-A-Way'
Good ol' Chris Columbus has taken a real PR beating in recent years. The fact remains, however, that he was one of the greatest explorers in human history. Period. On this Columbus Day, your 2016 Carmine Hose have to do some "discovering" of their own—particularly locating their lost offensive prowess. After two games, the Red Sox—as a team—are batting .200. The 'Killer B's' (Mookie BettsXander BogaertsJackie Bradley, Jr.) are hitting a collective .100 (2 for 20). And just to make winning a little more impossible, their hurlers have delivered an ERA of 5.63. Clearly, all of this is unsustainable. Unless they pitch better and come out of their hitting funk today—it's golf and bowling for the rest of October. The really depressing part of this scenario is that the team frittered away home field advantage for this series by dropping five of their last six regular season contests. Who knows how two games at Fenway last week would have turned out? This team is talented enough to pull off three straight wins—and, if they do, can take down Toronto with home-field advantage in the ALCS. Let's do it!