Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Boston's Role The Last Time The Indians Won It All

1948 World Series Game One At Braves Field (Getty Images)
A little over 68 years ago (October 11, 1948), the Cleveland Indians won their second (and, to this point, last) World Series title. Since they began their 2016 post-season run against the Red Sox, it's somewhat fitting that their 1948 victory was over another Boston baseball franchise—the Braves. The Tribe won the Series in six games—the final one at Braves Field (the remnants of which are now on the campus of Boston University). There were 40,103 loyal Braves fans in attendance to watch the Indians capture the title with a 4-3 win. In just five more years, the franchise would flee to the backwater of Milwaukee, before settling in Atlanta. In the final game,  some memorable names showed up. For the Tribe, Larry Doby (the first African-American to play in the American League) went 2-4. Lou Boudreau and Joe Gordon each had a hit and an RBI. And Bob Lemon pitched 7.1 innings for the win. For the Bravos, Tommy Holmes went 2-5 and both Alvin Dark and the be-speckled Earl Torgeson had a hit apiece. Warren Spahn pitched two innings of relief in the loss. Could Cleveland's 68-year drought be ended by going through another Boston team? Stay tuned!