Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Unspoken 'Achilles Knuckle' That Could Hurt Sox

Steven Wright (Getty Images)
Have you noticed? Nobody is talking about injured knuckle-baller Steven Wright. It's as if he's fallen into Hilary Clinton's 'Basket Of Deplorables' and he can't get up! Wasn't he our stud starter for the better part of three months? Wasn't he the only guy we could depend upon until Rick Porcello turned on his Cy Young jets? So, what's the scoop? All we're getting is sporadic missives from the crack Red Sox "Medical" Team like: the pitcher's shoulder is "feeling a little better". It's like a Donald Trump medical report. (Editor: Please note how we have attempted to offend supporters of both major party candidates). Here's John Farrell's take, "We’re hopeful to get a throwing program initiated. I don’t have an exact date of when that will take place. He’s showing improvement through the range of motion and the discomfort is diminishing, but I also recognize where we are in the calendar, and that’s going to present a challenge here going forward." Thanks for clearing that up, Skipper! You may recall it was Farrell's decision to pinch-run the All-Star in an inter-league game in Los Angeles—resulting in two distinct DL stints due to the resultant jammed shoulder. So, if Wright is gone for the year (which seems more and more likely), it puts a totally different spin on our post-season chances.