Monday, September 12, 2016

Some Yankee Fans Planning 'Fleshy' Tribute To Big Papi

David Ortiz's final game at Yankee Stadium (barring a meeting in the post-season—perish the thought) will be on September 29th. He has already stated that he'd like a standing ovation from fans of his fiercest rival. Well, if one fan has his way, lots of people will be standing—but not in a very respectful manner. The owner of the website—known aptly as "Local Bargain Jerk"—is calling on "thousands" at The Concrete Bunker On 161st Street to "moon" Ortiz. That's right, drop their pants and "bare" their "respect" to him. Says the webmaster, "If ten people Moon Big Papi, they'll be arrested. If ten thousand people Moon Big Papi, they'll tell their grandchildren they were there. Be there." So, thousands of Empire fans might be putting their best side forward come September 29th. So classy. So New York. (By the way, we added the censoring).