Thursday, September 29, 2016

Some Perspective On The American League East Title

A lot of us had first reactions to last night's loss/clinch that were—to put it mildly—outraged. The inability of two relief pitchers to close out a 3-0 win in the ninth inning—a win that would allow teammates and fans to truly celebrate an AL East Title—was galling. A lot of us could not really feel all "goose-bumpy" about some Oriole pinch-hitter getting us the division crown. Some hours have passed. And, an email from the Red Sox allowed us to put this whole thing in perspective. As the email states, fans can now register to buy tickets to the ALCS and The World Series. Back on April 4th in Cleveland—with two last-place finishes in the rear-view mirror—not many of us thought that email would be sent on September 29th. Our own pre-season (March 31st) projections for The 2016 Carmine Hose were this: the second Wild Card. So, let's take a collective deep breath, recognize what's been accomplished, and be thankful for a second AL East Championship in four years.