Friday, September 30, 2016

NESN Taking Flak For Airing Profanity In Sox Celebration

(Getty Images)
The Tuesday night "celebration" by the Red Sox after they backed-in to the division title was broadcast live by the team's cable outlet (New England Sports Network) and local over-the-air station WBZ-TV (CBS, Channel 4 in Boston). One station had a profanity "kill switch" (WBZ) and the other didn't (NESN). Needless to say, several players (notably David Ortiz) let fly with numerous "F-Bombs" during the proceedings—all of which came through loud and clear on NESN. As you might expect, many parents in The Nation who let their kids stay up were not too pleased. In fact, the world-wide-web was aflutter with indignation. Now, technically, as a cable/satellite station, NESN is not bound by FCC rules on colorful language. Still, someone at the organization should have arranged for the 'bleep-age' of the raunchier comments. Yet another example of NESN's second-rate status among MLB team broadcasters (frequent on-air technical glitches, no SuperSloMo replay, etc.).