Friday, September 2, 2016

How Yoan Moncada Almost Could Have Been An Evil One

Not A Yankee
As we celebrate the promotion of MLB's #1 prospect to the Red Sox roster, it's important to remember how 21-year old Yoan Moncada made his way to Boston. By all accounts the bidding for the (then) 19-year old Cuban had come down to the Red Sox, the Dodgers and The Bronx Embalmers. Brian Cashman (how aptly-named is this guy?) offered Moncada's agent a bonus of $25 million—which, with the luxury tax penalty, was really a $50 million commitment. Not to be outdone, The Carmine Hose plunked down a bonus offer of $31.5 million (or a total of $63 million when factoring in the luxury tax penalty). It's not clear what Magic Johnson offered, but it was obviously less than ours or the The Evil Ones' offer. The Pinstriped Posers refused to budge and YoMo became Red Sox property. As Cashman said then, "I would doubt there's any disagreement on the scouting assessment of the player. It just comes down to how much money you were willing to commit." So, for a difference of $13 million (chump change for the two chumps who own the Yankees), they passed on a potential superstar—and let him go to their chief rival. Nice work, Brian!