Saturday, September 10, 2016

Curt Schilling Makes Smooth Launch Of Talk Show

Curt In The Studio
It's just the first show, but Red Sox legend Curt Schilling had a pretty smooth launch of his new talk show this morning. Everybody knows Curt loves to talk, and he did just that—with a veteran talkmeister's flair. There were no awkward silences, that's for sure. The 2004 ALCS and World Series hero tackled a range of issues with callers—from the 2016 presidential election to the controversy over the roosters at his Medfield home. With a producer to banter with in-studio, the show actually had a flow that belied its debut status. While he needs to build a network of traditional radio stations (which we think he will based on the first show), the online streaming worked flawlessly. Love him or hate him, Schilling puled this one off with ease.