Friday, September 16, 2016

A Four-Hour Fenway Journey From Agony To Ecstasy

Papi At The Plate (Exclusive FenwayNation Photo)
Two of your stalwart FenwayNation staffers were at Fenway Park last night for one of the most stirring regular-season wins in recent memory. But, we are Red Sox fans—so we've got to tell you the truth. There was a lot of whining during the first three-and-one-half hours of witnessing a limp Red Sox offense. There were even thoughts of leaving after the top of the ninth inning if—as appeared likely—the Yankees would add onto their already formidable 5-2 lead. Hundreds of Red Sox fans did leave at that point—although they will tell you otherwise at the coffee machine today. After Joe Kelly loaded the bases with one out (thanks to lack of command on his repeated 100 MPH fastballs), the righty somehow managed to "Houdini" his way out of the frame (mostly by snagging a laser beam line drive targeted for his head). OK, we thought, it's still just 5-2—we'll stick around. Even with two outs and men on the corners, we did not abandon ship. Even when New York's Goliath of a closer was in the game, we stayed. Three consecutive hits later and we witnessed glory. The stunned looks on the faces of Empire fans as they wandered—zombie-like—along Yawkey Way was priceless. These are the types of wins that can galvanize a team and a city. Let's hope this one will.