Monday, September 19, 2016

15-Foot Great White Shark Named After David Ortiz

Talk about 'jumping the shark'! You know you've become an icon, when you get a large predator named after you. The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy (apparently a real and reputable organization) has named a 15-foot Great White Shark in honor of David Ortiz. Here's how the group describes itself on its Facebook page: "Cape Cod based nonprofit committed to raising public awareness of white sharks." The carcharodon carcharias has been named 'Big Papi' and its ID# (in case you ever run into him) is: WS-15-73. Could the "WS" stand for World Series? Honestly, we're afraid to ask. Yikes! To paraphrase Matt Hooper in Jaws: "We got no spit."