Thursday, August 25, 2016

'The New Panda': Hey Red Sox Fans, Are You Buying It?

The "New" Panda
There's something very Nixonian (and Clintonian) about the latest Panda Rehabilitation Campaign being waged by the Red Sox. First, principal owner John Henry told the Boston Herald that it was important that Pablo Sandoval "return to form" (whatever that means) in 2017. Then, golly gee-whiz, the Panda shows up the very next day on the field in Tampa to practice with his teammates. What a coincidence! And, he's lost 22 pounds! Now we're really talking Nixonian/Clintonian! Mindful of the 5-year $95 million contract we owe him, most sentient Red Sox fans (unlike some mainstream media) see right through this PR haze. They will believe a productive Panda when they see it on the field for more than a week. In the meantime, get used to updates on SuperPanda!