Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Red Sox Will Not Honor A-Fraud With Farewell Ceremony

In case you were expecting John Henry to present Alex Rodriguez with a lifetime gift certificate to BALCO (or some other appropriate farewell gift)—fuggedaboutit. According to multiple reports, The Carmine Hose will not honor A-Fraud with any special goodbye ceremony over the next three days at Fenway. There will be no Derek Jeter- or Mariano Rivera-like send-off for The Centaur—not even one fitting for any ex-Yankee, like, say Ross Moschitto. The word is that there might be some slight acknowledgement of A-Rod's "involvement" in the storied rivalry—but that's it. Maybe the Sox can emulate one of their minor-league teams and have padded Sumo wrestlers dressed as Jason Varitek and The Fraudulent One battle it out during the seventh-inning stretch. Yeah, that's the ticket!