Monday, August 22, 2016

Red Sox Legend Yastrzemski Turns 77 Years Old Today

If you were lucky enough to witness the stunning 23-year career of Carl Michael Yastrzemski, there's no need to embellish his achievements. For those of you who know him only as 'the number 8 guy' on the right filed façade, here are few highlights: MLB Hall of Fame, 18-time All-Star, 1967 AL MVP, 1967 Triple Crown Winner. He was a .285 lifetime hitter, with 452 HRs, 3,419 hits and 1,844 RBIs.   Amazing, Yaz played until he was 43 years old—still getting on-base at a .359 clip at that advanced age. And, most importantly of all, he was the catalyst of the 1967 pennant-winning Impossible Dream season. Today, he turns 77 years old—still a treasure of Red Sox nation. Happy birthday, Yaz!