Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Red Sox Distantly Trail Patriots As Fans' Favorite Team

The new Channel Media and Market Research Poll of 14,600 local fans has some disturbing findings for The Carmine Hose. Although it shouldn't be surprising that the New England Patriots are tabbed as the area's "favorite" team, the gap between the Pats and Sox is cavernous (49% to 26%—a 23-point spread). While this is pretty distressing for baseball fans, it should be noted that the Bruins and Celtics split the remaining 25% of the "fan pie". So, it could be a lot worse for the local hardball nine. Still, it's a sign that Major League Baseball needs to do way more to broaden the appeal of the sport—particularly among younger people. If one of the sport's most iconic franchises—one with a rabid and committed fanbase—cannot even approach the favorability of the local NFL franchise, there are serious problems.